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Callander's Mr Tux of Newark Ohio HAS Tuxedo's! At any given time we carry hundreds of styles, in every size for an onsite inventory of over 10,000 tuxes. What that means for you is WE'VE GOT WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR! And we've got some of the lowest prices in Ohio.

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Claiborne Citi-Edge #82003

3 button coat, unique diamond shaped lapel edged in satin

Ecko Unlimited #88801

Coat, Pants, Standard White or IvoryWing or Laydown collar Shirt and any Vest or Tie Style

After Six San Dominico I #100

2 button coat, self-top collar, no vent

After Six San Dominico III #101

Full dress tails with 6 button front, tail has center vent

After Six White Diamante #104

1 button, single breasted peak lapel, self-collar with high lustre inset

After Six Prado #106

3 button, satin notched lapel, besom pockets

Oscar de la Renta LaVida #200

4 button, one piece collar/lapel with satin edge

Oscar de la Renta Black Countour I #722fp

2 button single breasted coat with notch lapel

Oscar de la Renta Black Renaissance I #722jr

2 button coat with peak lapel with layered satin inset

After Six San Pietro I #722jz

100% Worsted wool, 2 button coat with satin peak lapels

After Six San Dominico VII #722pi

2 button coat with satin peak lapels, self top collar

Andrew Fezza The Duece #1516

2 button coat with satin notch lapel, besom pockets

After Six 2 Button Shawl #2000

2 button coat, satin shawl lapel and top collar

After Six Shawl Lapel Full Dress #2001

1 button front full dress styling with vented tail

After Six Matrix II #2002

2 button notch satin lapel with woven textured geometric pattern